Allows you to operate two Instagram accounts simultaneously


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  • Category Photography
  • Program license Free
  • Works under: Android
  • Package name com.instagram.androidbh
  • Program by Me-Nex S

The Android app Instwogram is basically a clone of the popular site Instagram that allows you to have more than one active account at a time and to be logged into both accounts simultaneously.

An Overview of the Instwogram App

Did you know that the popular social media site Instagram won't let you have separate accounts active at the same time? Many people may think this isn't a big deal, but just imagine that you want to have a business account running and a personal account operating separately. This is something very common among social media users; they want to promote their businesses while also keeping their personal lives separate from their business accounts. Instagram, however, does not allow for this if you want a verified account on their site. This is where Instwogram really comes in handy for Android users. This app is basically a carbon copy of the main Instagram site, providing you with every one of the site's features. This way, you can actually have two separate Instagram accounts operating, and people who visit Instwogram externally cannot always tell that they're two different sites. The only thing that's really different is the URL, and not too many people even notice that if they're visiting from outside the app.

Overall, the app is controlled the same way that you would control your Instagram account. You can upload pictures and posts from your mobile device, and you can be logged into both of your accounts simultaneously to do whatever it is you need to do. You don't get any bonus features here, but it's still a very useful app for people who want or need two accounts for the site.

Pros and Cons of Instwogram


  • Allows quick and easy access to two accounts
  • App is a cloned version of main Instagram site
  • Very intuitive and easy to use
  • Controls act just like Instagram


  • The URLs are different so people can find out it's not the real site
  • Mobile devices may lag with both applications operating at the same time